Capacity Building

We provide learning spaces for public officials and all those who work on issues related to migration and wish to learn about this phenomenon in the region


The Migration Capacity Building Program in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) helps to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of public officials, and specialists from public and private institutions through Virtual Tutorized Courses, Massive and Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) and Communities of Practice.

The mail goal of the Program is to create and sustain a critical mass of professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean, capable of designing, proposing and implementing innovative and cutting-edge interventions on the issue of migration.

The contents of the Program arise from the applied research developed by the IDB and its networks of researchers, regional policy dialogues, and migration operations. The contents are developed with the highest academic rigor and the highest standards of technical and pedagogical quality. The Program uses the most current and effective methodologies to ensure participant learning and skill development.

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Online courses for public officials

These courses create spaces for the exclusive use of invited participants (45). With the guidance of a specialized tutor for each module, the participants enjoy a regular, systematic and personalized follow-up that allows them to learn collaboratively, sharing experiences and knowledge in a safe environment.

The courses are taught in Spanish, English and Portuguese. You can access the results of the first semester of 2020 here.

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Communities of practice

The Communities of Practice are networks of professionals who wish to continue learning and exchanging experiences on topics related to the Program courses in which they were certified.

The members of these communities interact regularly with facilitators and participate in various activities such as video conferences (webinars), round tables, discussion forums, exchange of publications, and more.

Spring 2020

BID Migración - Comunidades de Práctica


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