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Research topics

  • Identificación
    What are the profiles of migrants? What are the gaps between migrants and natives in education, access to labor markets, health care, and basic services? How do the gaps differ between recent and long-standing migration?

  • Servicios Básicos
    What is the perception about migration in the region? Has this perception changed over time? How is it compared to that in other regions? What policies are effective in modifying these sentiments?

  • Servicios Sociales
    What is the impact of migrants in destination, transit and migrant-sending countries? What is the impact of migrant-related policies on migrants’ behavior and on their communities?

  • Oportunidades Económicas
    Policy and institutions
    How migrant-related policies at the local, national and reginal level in Latin America and the Caribbean compare to that in other regions? What is the policy space to improve these policies and institutional frameworks?

  • Datos e Información
    We are building a database that will allows us to study and visualize the state of migration and migration policies in Latin America and the Caribbean


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